Abs Gabs

This week was awesome. We scored a goal at our soccer game. i finished my book The Battle Of The Labyrinth. It's the 4th book of the Percy Jackson And the Olympians. I started the fifth book today. It's the last one of the series. I can't wait to find out if Thalia is in my book. I'm being her for Halloween.


Trek Wants to Blog

I punch wiff no dloves on and i punch dad in da watuh
boom boom boom boom aaahhhh!
(he punches the air and falls down)
and then dad punch me in da watuh

Joe Knows: The Hardy Boys--Ocean of Osyria

The hardy boys was a good book
im going to stort from the bugineg ok.
it is based on mysterys
the ocean of osyria is not a ocean it is a necklace
the boys run away from spy pepole
i liked it


What Joe Knows

i went to the redwoods and the ewoc forest and the pasific.

i scored a goal at the soccer game. the goale was distractid. i kickt it.

Abs Gabs

This week was fun. I got new silly bands from aunt Mel and I got two action figures and a awesome shirt from Nonnie. On Saterday we had soccer games. I lost the game but it was fun. Monday I finished my book, The Titans Curse. It's a series called, Percy Jackson And the Olympians. I'm being one of the characters for Halloween. It's a cool series.