Abby Gets Crafty {felt flowers}

Abs came with me to a friend's baby shower recently.  All the guests made felt flowers for the soon-to-be-here baby girl.  Felt flowers are great for hair clips, headbands, adding to a onesie or little sweater, adorning a frame or fancy-ing up a pillow.  Just lots of fun stuff!  So, we made a whole bunch at the shower and Abby jumped right in there with the rest of us.

There are four different felt flower tutorials HERE.

A day or so later, she whipped out the glue gun and made herself one!
It just makes my heart proud to see my girl with a glue gun in her hand!
I love how she took these two basic flowers
 and totally created her own one-of-a-kind flower.

Didn't she do an amazing job?!!
And she is also rocking the sock bun that she saw on pinterest!

Have you noticed how Abs has entered a new fashion phase?
Remember the last one?


Sculpture with Trek

These are some sculptures that Trek did at school with some kind of crazy foam-like play dough.

My absolute favorite thing about these creations are the descriptions!  The mind of a four-year-old is an amazing thing.  I am so thankful that his teachers write this stuff down for me to enjoy!  I mean, an eagle snowman on an airplane.  That's awesome!

Trek also would like for me to share with you this gun that he built out of his Trio blocks.
"it has two shooters"

Guns are not really on my awesome list but that face sure is!!!

Don't forget...
if you are doing any sort of art with your child,
ask them about it!
Find out why they made it this way or that, used this color or not.
The responses are fascinating.


Sleeping Angel

Don't they just look so sweet when they are asleep?

But why...

is he on the floor?!!


In-House Rivalry

Were you aware that I graduated from LSU and Jono from "the unavuhsity" (of Alabama)?
And that the two schools played each other Monday for the National Championship?
It was quite the event...
a rematch with everything at stake.
two schools from the same conference.
in the Super Dome.
in New Orleans.

That's my game face.  I don't why Jono wasn't with me on this.  I think he was a bit nervous before the game.  Rightly so, considering what the first game had been like.
Our kids are a little confused as to who they should side with.

We gathered some friends to celebrate the game with us.
Living in California, it is hard to find others with the same allegiances.  And even harder to explain the culture of college (specifically SEC) football to people who weren't raised in it.  We brought some extra gear and I made gumbo and we tried to rally them around the seriousness of the game at hand.

They're learning!
 This guy already knows "touchdown"!

Reauxll Tigers, yall!


Suped Up Paper Airplanes

Today, the kiddos go back to school. 
After a three week break.
Sometimes I think I might want to homeschool because there is so much flexibility, and there are so many cool projects we could do, etc, etc.  Then I have them all in the house for a few days and I remember why that's not such a good idea (for us).

But the break was fun.  We did accomplish a few projects.
I love it when the kids are excited about making stuff with me.
Joe is all about some paper airplanes.  He makes them all the time.  I find them everywhere!
This time we tried a suped up version.

Using thin cardboard (like an empty cereal box) we folded a paper airplane.
There are so many different ways to fold it.  A quick google will get you at least 20 different easy ways.  We have a book called Paper Planes by Phil Joho that has been lots of fun.
If you are having trouble folding the cardboard, take an exacto knife and score the fold.

Since it is heavier and bigger than your average paper plane, it will really sail!
(Since it's heavier and bigger than your average paper plane, I would recommend flying it outside.)

Great craft project for the boys!
And easy, too!


Pretty Pictures

This weekend has been a little rough to say the least.
I just wanted to see some pretty pictures today.
Hope you aren't tired of birds.
Jono wouldn't stop for these this time so these were taken on the fly.
haha. on the fly. that was good.

That is NOT snow in the back.
It is more birds!



A sunset over the buttes.

Romans 15:13