One Sunny Day

 One sunny day, we went for a walk.  And when I say one, I mean ONE.  One beautiful blue sky day in the middle of days and days of rain like only the pacific ocean can bring.  So we out into the wild blue and fought trees...
 and threw rocks in the water...
 and, of course, the boys got soaked!
 It was a wonderful respite from our four walls.  Now, deep breath.  The monsoon continues.


Joe's Art

by Becca
 I am tickled as can be to share Joe's most recent artwork.  He was inspired by the kids art page in the new Highlights magazine.  This one drawing caught his eye because it was done by a 12 year old and i think his competitiveness kicked in because he thought he could do just as well (and he's only 6!).  And I tell you what--he did! 


Cigon Lincoln

by Abby

Were back with Cigon Lincoln.  He was out for a walk own day when he met Zeus!  So Zeus like was talking greek and stuff.  Zeus wouldn't stop talking.  So Cigon Lincoln had no choice but to talk greek back.  So they were having this big conversation when Zeus braut up him knowing more then Cigon Lincoln!  Then Cigon Lincoln said "I bet you don't know your ABC's!"  Zeus got so mad he blasted Cigon Lincoln with his master bolt.  Luckily he saw it coming and took off.  Zeus started chasing him.  Then Cigon Lincoln put on super speed which is 1000 miles per hour.  And he got away yay!

Top 8 Christmas Movies

by JOE

1. how the Grinch stole christmas
2. elf
3. Beverly hillBilles (the christmas episodes)
4. rudolph the red nose rainDeer
5. Scooby Doo christmas
6. the Santa clause
7. jackfrost
8. meckey's twice upon a christmas

Number 1 is my favrit becuse it is real and funny.


New Character

by Abby

I just created a new character. It’s name is Cigon Lincoln. He is part Cyclops part centaur and part Abraham Lincoln. He is invincible he can run 1,000 miles per hour. He’s totally awesome. He’s super strong. He’s my hero.