How to make a good cyclops pumpkin

by Abby

First you have to put only one eye (Duh). It has to look a little funny. You have to name it. I named mine Tyson but I'll give you some ideas like Kallob, Seth, Ira, Dan, Backondorf, Jason, Percy, Travis, and Foalan. The rest you do on your own!


Abs Gabs

Thalia is my favorite character off of the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series. I'm like Thalia because she ahs the same punk style as me.

Thalia and I both have freckles.

We both have blue eyes.

We both don't like math.

Thalia and I love to read.


Joe's Top Ten thigs at Bishops pumpkin farm

1. drink apple cider

2. pick pumpkin

3. pet the goats

4. hay ride

5. pig race

6. play on the mase

7. eat

8. play

9. ride a train

10. slushy


Top 10 for 10.10.10 by Abby

Top 10 Movies

1 and 2. Star Wars
Percy Jackson and the Olimpions the Lightning Thief
3. Journey to the Center of the Earth
4. Narnia
5. Hook
6. Land Before Time
7. Lion King
8. Toy Story
9. Ice Age
10. Up

Top 10 for 10.10.10 by Joe

Top 10
Things to do in the Summer

1. play wii
2. watch movies
3. swim
4. play computer
5. go to the sugar barrel
6. play football
7. ride my bike
8. read
9. play wiffle ball
10. go to the game room


Abs Gabs

This week was awsome. I finished book five of the Percy Jackson and the Olimpions. It was the last one of the series. They were tight books you should read them. I had a sleep over at my house this weekend with Audrey and Frankie. We also had a soccer game. The Avalanche had 2 and the Hurackanes had 5 points. Now thats an awsome week.

P.S. The Avalanche are us.

Joe Knows

If I were the Joker,

I woud fit (with a line over the i) good guys

My best weapon would be

buloons thate Blo (with a line over the o) up

Some people would think my face looks

ugly but its not