Fun Free February Calendar

Who doesn't love groundhogs?!  Well actually they are still part of the rodent family so they get stuck at the bottom of my favorites list.  However, if this particular rodent will give me hope that summer's coming early then I would happily reconsider.

I don't remember the site where I came across this cute calendar but it's so fun. Abby and I put it together pretty quickly.

Just cut.

And glue.

And you're done.

Print yours out HERE.
Have a


Monster Hat Restyle

This week we did a restyle for joe friday.  The inspiration came first from this awesome hat that Abs got for Christmas and then Joe saw a project in this month's Family Fun magazine. 
We started with an old and ratty but much loved sweatshirt, some t-shirt scraps, and Joe's drawing of the face he wanted. 

 Originally he had the eyes in a diamond shape but they were getting lost over the top on his head so we adjusted them to go straight across.  He enjoys running around with it pulled all the way over his face to scare his brothers.  This lasts as long as it takes for him to crash into something since I failed to put eye holes in the top of the hat.  Maybe next time.

PS.  getting him to pose for these pictures was quite a challenge.  below are a couple other great shots i could have used.

love that kid.


Cigon and the Hunters

In this story it's all about Cigon Lincoln and the hunters!  You don't know about the hunters?  Of course some of you don't know about the hunters.  Before we get to the story, I'll tell you about the hunters.  the hunters are the awesome girls (and only girls) who hunt down monsters and kill them. 
Cigon Lincoln found the hunters.  They had just killed a fury.  Artemis spoke up when she was him (Artemis is the leader of the hunters also greek goddess of the moon.)  "Who are you?" Artemis asked calmly. 
"I'm Cigon Lincoln," Cigon said.
"I've heard of you, I'm Artemis," said Artemis.  "Would you like to help us track down a minotaur?" Artemis asked.
"Sure," said Cigon.  So they tracked down the minotaur.  Once they found it they fired their arrows.  One of Cigon's arrows came twirling and hit the creature right in the eye.  That was the end of the minotaur but the beginning of Cigon's career of being the sidekick of Artemis. 
The End


Paint, String, and the Littles

We do a lot of arts and crafts at our house.  Now that D doesn't take his morning nap anymore, he can start to join us in these fun little projects.

This is a classic project that kids of any age can get into.  All you need to get started is...

a few pieces of string
washable paint
dish for the paint
(something to cover your work surface is highly recommended)

You get something like this...

Or this...

and inevitably we get some of this...

or this...

I used tempera paint which is not permanent however it isn't entirely washable either (unless you get washable tempera paint) so the kiddos had some funky looking skin until a few baths later.


Cigon and Hera

Even though the last episode sounded like the end it's not.  Cigon Lincoln quit being princable and went back to his normal duty.  In this episode it's all about him and Hera.
O.K. so Cigon Lincoln was taking a walk when he met Hera.  So they were talking and Cigon Lincoln said something like "thats the bomb," and Hera's all "you must put off a lot from the way you smell."  Can you beleave that? I've always wanted to kill that lady but of course she's queen of the gods in other words she's immortal.  But anyways Cigon just bucked her like normal horses do and walked away!  Anyways thats his story with Hera.  The End.


Seaside in Santa Barbara

This is the second half of our New Years road trip.  From Salinas we made our way down to Santa Barbara.  We couldn't make it the whole way without stopping (and when i say we, i mean me.  i'm good in the car for about 2 hours and then i get that claustrophobic feeling which is intensified by four littles all asking me 101 questions at a consistent 90 words per minute) so we all got a nice little stretch and break from the car at this little beach.
It couldn't have been more refreshing.  A little tidepool exploring...

A little playing in the sand.  Trekkers helped out by drawing the legs.

We did make it to Santa Barbara!  Had an outing to the pier.  This is the view of the city from the pier. 
Isn't it gorgeous?!

 At the end of Stearns pier there is a Sea Center that was so fun.  It is focused on local sea life.  There are two different touch pools.  The kids got their hands on sharks, rays, starfish, anenomes.  It was great!

A short walk from our lovely hosts' house is the ocean!  We walked over one afternoon and found all sorts of treasures.

Thanks to the Bakers for their hospitality!
We had some wonderful adventures in SB!


Hoodie Restyle

I love the person my daughter is becoming.  She's spunky and punky, smart and fun-loving.  Her style though has changed drastically in the last couple years.  She went from wearing dresses everyday to never ever mom you can't make me.  She has totally phased out pink and purple in exchange for black and silver.  I love that she is expressing her personality through her fashion choices. 
So when I saw this precious DIY hoodie makeover at Under the Sycamore, I thought 'how cute!' followed by 'Abby would never wear that' and 'don't think i can get the boys to wear it either'.  Boo.  We still had a perfectly good plain hoodie sitting in Ab's closet that needed some spunk. 

Added one medusa head and several strands of snake hair and I had one happy customer.

Project Restyle details can be found here.


Draw in the Dirt

Do you like to color? 
I do.  It is one of my most favorite things.  Pencils, markers, paint, crayons, mud.  Anything.  It doesn't matter.  And I love encouraging the creativity in others.  We all have it in us.  We are made in the image of The Creator!  It's in there somewhere.  I'm just asking you to get it out and give it a little exercise.

We're going to call this


and here is how it works...
1. read the poem written by the witty and talented jono.
2. illustate the poem with your very own original work of art in any way you feel like,.
3. link up your new creation to the Linkster below.
4. encourage those around you to unleash their inner crayon too.

So...here we go!

I'm heading to the BIG GAME!
Packed the car I'm ready.
I'm heading to the BIG GAME!
Meeting up with Freddie.

I'm heading to the BIG GAME!
My cooler's iced and full.
Got ribs, cole slaw, chicken wings,
shrimp, and burgered bull.

I'm heading to the BIG GAME!
Team shoes on my feet,
Face painted, foam finger,
Wrist bands, cushioned seat.

I'm heading to the BIG GAME!
Got a football so I can kick it.
There's just one thing that I don't have,
I really need a ticket!

and the first few entries are from our house...


Cigon Lincoln, the bomb

Here's Cigon Lincoln the bomb, part centaur, cyclops, and part Abe Lincoln.  Here he is at...uh school?  I heard he likes to read these 39 clue books but thats another story.  So here he is sitting in his, uh, he's standing up (if you don't remember he's horse waist down.) So one day at reccess these boys were getting into a fight (their names were Bob and Billy Bob) Cigon Lincoln caught them.  They got suspended for five whole minuts.  Since Cigon Lincoln reported to the teachers about the fight that no other teacher payed atentoin to he became the new school princeble!  And thats where he is till this very day.


Book Cover ReStyle

 Don't you love this book?  A friend gave it to us when we were expecting #1.  It has been much loved and the book jacket was just about loved to pieces.  I hated to toss it when the colors and the artwork are some of my faves so...I repurposed it!

I finished tearing it up into several pieces and glued them onto a square canvas that was just waiting to be given new life.  Now it is hanging in our "little house".

This was my first contribution to Project ReStyle.  Project ReStyle is a sort of challenge to take something that is unwanted, unused, or about to be thrown away and restyle it.  Anyone can participate! Check out the details here.