we believe that life is a journey and this is us in it.
 pictures of us by the chalk drawing wall by lexi bush
daily smiles.
random craft projects.
occasional travels.
adventures into sustainable living.

a few things you should know...
--> we are transplants to California.  the foothills of the sierra nevadas in northern california to be exact.  originally from sweet home Alabama.
--> the big kids were born in Alabama but claim to be Californians + the littles were born in Cali but sound like they're from Bama.  go figure.
--> we live (and work) at a Young Life camp called Woodleaf.  this defines our life in a huge way.  we get to live year round at a place most people retreat to.  pretty sweet.  and every summer we get hundreds of new neighbors including centaurs, secret agents, giant birds, roman soldiers, famous singers and other interesting characters who come to explain God's grace + forgiveness to thousands of teenagers.
--> mostly you'll find me (becca) blogging but don't be surprised to see stories from our budding author, abby; bits of trivia from the brain sponge, joe; or quotable quotes from the little boys.

--> the pictures on this blog are a collaboration by jono and me.  don't we make a great team?!

a few things you should do...
--> follow jono's blog, My Used Ink.  his poetry will be spotlighted here from time to time but make sure not to miss a single rhyme by becoming a follower of My Used Ink.

--> check out handmade goods from recycled tees by becca g.  my creative outlet. well, one of them!