Christmas Tree found

At Home Depot.
No traipsing through the forest looking for the least scraggly tree to cut down.
No, sir.
We got one of those farm grown and groomed fir ones that are shipped in from some place no where near Alabama.


 Could be our prettiest Christmas tree ever.



Hiking at Sokol Park

What do you do in Tuscaloosa in the fall when there's not a football game?
I know you'll be shocked to know that there are other options.
Of course, you need to bring a football with you wherever you go to keep the spirit alive.
Look!  The leaves are gone!
After living among the pines the last 5 years, this was a welcome sight.


A Day in the Life

 One weekend this fall, we had the privilege of sharing the experience of an SEC football game with some friends from Cali. We wanted them to get a true feel of the seriousness of SEC (or more specifically, Alabama) football.
From Dreamland barbecue to Bryant-Denny Stadium.
From Eli Gold to Alabama fashion choices.
From cheerleaders to the Million Dollar Band.
From hocking tickets to over-sized bronze statues.
You know, the basics.


I think they got it.