ABC's of 2009

A is for Alabama football!!!
B is for Becca's (bad?) short haircut
C is for Copellia, Abby's ballet recital
D is for Dylan, born July 10th
E is for Entertainment night with camp staff when we did the Enlarging Machine skit
F is for First tooth lost for Abby
G is for Ginormous bullfrog found in the pool
H is for Homemade pizza with Lorie
I is for In the water at Sly Creek Resevoir and Slate Creek
J is for Jelly Belly Factory
K is for Kindergarten, Joe starts school
L is for Lance Armstrong in Nevada City
M is for Mail order Dreamland ribs
N is for Naked Trek at the lake
O is for Ojai thanksgiving
P is for Pumpkin farm field trip and Pumpkin carving party
Q is for Quality boat building by Joe and Jonathan
R is for Running their first 5K (Abby and Joe)
S is for Skiing at Squaw Valley
T is for Trekking around Little Grass with the Smiths
U is for Unlimited amount of butterflies
V is for Vineyards with sisters
W is for Wiffleball games
X is forXtreme waves at Half Moon and Ventura
Y is for Yuba Feather field trip to Woodleaf
Z is for Zoo in Fresno with the Spearmans


our thanks giving

by Abigail gardner

On our vacashon we went to taho, ohi and fresno. It was fun. My favrot thing was went we went
sleding. When we went sleding I ran into the bushes.It was funny.

Synopsis of Thanksgiving 2009

by Joe Gardner

Having thanksgiving was fun. In Tahoe, it was fun having a snowball fight. In Ojai, it was fun. In Fresno, it was fun being there.