Solar Eclipse

Last week there was a solar eclipse. 
Did you know?
It didn't start until about 6:30pm our time.  Apparently China/Japan area had the better view.
So, someone had told us to be looking for it.  Then, busy life.  We kind of forgot until it started getting dark and we're like 'why is it getting dark so early?' 'oh yeah, the eclipse.'
Then I'm all rushing around trying to figure out how we can look at it.  I remembered you couldn't look straight at the sun but couldn't remember what you were supposed to use.  Of course the internet was not working so no Google.  Was it a mirror?  We grabbed a mirror and Jono is giving me directions on how to hold it so they could see.  Up a little.  Down a little.  YEE-OWWW!  Ok so that wasn't right. 
Thankfully no one was blinded in the attempt. 
Joe thought there was something about punching a hole in a piece of paper.  But we didn't get that quite right either.  I hate to say it but we gave up.  Dinner and baths took precedent. 

We did get this picture.  The eclipse was doing crazy things with the shadows.

 If you would like to know a SAFE way to view a solar eclipse go here for instructions.
We'll be better prepared next time.
Like eleven years from now.


Best of Cali: Carpinteria

This is Carpinteria, CA.
This might be my favorite spot in Cali so far!

There is a trail that goes all along the bluff next to the ocean.  From up there you have a bird's eye view of the seals rookery where they come to have there pups every year.  We got to see them last year.  It seemed like there were more this year. 

I love that this beach town has so much wildlife.
Horses.  On the beach.
This is movie stuff to me.  People really do that?!
And dolphins.
Cool rocks.

The kids were divided on whether or not they would let me take their picture in this perfectly idyllic place.  These two were cooperative.
These two were not.

The other thing that makes this place a winner.
That's right.  The Burger Spot.
Walk right up from the beach for a very satisfying burger and fries!

{This is that final post from our spring break trip.  Due to internet troubles, I am a bit behind on posts.  This week will be catch up.  I mean I haven't even posted about Project Milk Goat!  Soon.  Very soon.}


Nacho fights the midgets

photo credit:  www.movie-index.com

There's this scene in Nacho Libre where Nacho fights a pair of midget wrestlers.
Do you know it?
I think it goes something like this...


This is Texas

Austin, actually.

My sweet husband let me go see my littlest sister (aka #3) for my birthday.  He stayed home with the four kiddos, multiple baseball/softball games, worked the snack shack.  I mean, this was no small present.  And he conquered it all!

So, here is a recap of the trip.

We did some shopping on South Congress.
The view of the city from the top of the hill.

 Tried on boots at Allen's Boots.  Hello, price tag.
But, I could go footloose in those red babies, I tell ya'!
Food trucks!!!
They all have cute names like Coat and Thai.

 But the best, the most awesome, long awaited meal happened right here at
Franklin Barbecue.
Cue the old school country music.
They open at 11 and close when they sell out.  We got there about 12 and were handed the "last man standing" sign.  Meaning the last man they would guarantee food! 
It was quite a wait, but just look at this...
It was beautiful and tasted Ah-mazin'!
California ain't got nothin' like it.
And this is my sister.
Isn't she presh?!

After that it was time to chill at Barton Springs.
It stays 70 degrees year round (about the same temp as the Woodleaf pool--difference being it is fondu-melting-pot hot outside and you actually want to go swimming in that cold water)

You know they do things bigger in Texas.  #3 decided she would go big by jumping off a perfectly good building.
372 feet up.  She climbed over a rooftop rail and repelled.  For charity.
She's so brave.  Sometimes big sisters have to look up to their younger sisters.

 I also have to hand it to her.
She ROCKED the mural game.
I have a lot to learn.

Dinner at sunset overlooking Lake Travis

And a super moon.
Icing on the cake for a super visit with my little sis!


Doodle 4 Google

Abby entered this year's Doodle 4 Google contest!
The theme was "If I could travel in time, I'd visit..."

True to Abby-form, she chose the topic of the current book series she is reading.  It's all about Arthur and the knights of the round table and quests and rescuing fair maidens.

There were over 114,000 entries from every state grades K-12.  She didn't make it to the finals this time, but I think her artwork is just as fabulous as those that did (if not better! ;)

You can go HERE to see the finalists and vote for your favorite.


Happy Birthday to me!

For my birthday, I requested to have my kiddos take a picture with me.

No mean faces.

 Or tongues sticking out.

Or garish bared fangs because I said "show your teeth".

Just their naturally beautiful smiling faces.
Now this is a gift I will treasure!

Of course, their personalities really show in all the other pictures, so I guess I'll treasure those, too.  And use them as leverage during their teenage years.  Oh, joy!