The Pinestraw Hill

So that was just a couple weeks ago on The Pinestraw Hill (not very romantic or clever but that is what we seem to be calling the new playground area.  and some people around here seemed confused by the term 'pinestraw' which seems also to be called 'pine needles')
and this next one was last friday.

Most of that snow is still on the ground.  We still have three gigantic snowballs in the front of the house, not a snowman, mind you.  Although if you asked Joe he would probably tell you some horrific story about what happened to the snowman.  Maybe I should ask him.  Or spare you.  Hmmm.
We are supposed to have loads more snow coming in tomorrow.  yea.


Draw in the Dirt : A Bear Lives Up There

Our kids mimic us.  And that can be a good or bad thing but in this case it was definitely good.
Most of you know about Jono's blog, he writes clever little poems usually accompanied by his own illustration.  The other day, Joe sat down and wrote a poem and illustrated it,
just like his dad!
Take a look...

Very cute, right?
We decided we should use it for this week's Draw in the Dirt.
If you would like to participate,
then all you have to do is create your own illustration for Joe's poem
and share it with us by clicking on the Linkster down at the bottom.
Here are the ones that Jono and I did...

Hmmm.  You can tell a good bit about a person from their doodles.  I mean, my bear is cozied up by the fire while his bear is on the moon!  Good thing we're a couple.  My life would be so normal and boring otherwise.
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Snow's Back

So we got some snow.  I don't know how it snows other places.  Being from Alabama, northern Cali is my only experience with the stuff unless you count the "blizzard of '93" when Bama got 6 whole inches.  The snow here comes in feet, granted it only happens a handful of times each winter, but it's the real thing. 
Usually I dread it.  It's cold, confining, wet clothes everywhere, and inevitably the power goes out.  But yesterday was a great day! 
I took the littles out in the morning.  It took me literally at least 30 minutes to get us all ready to go out.  I was thinking, this better be worth it, and it totally was!  We had a blast.  I asked Trek if he wanted to build a snowman or maybe go sled the back hill.  No, he wanted to 'fall in it'.  So we did.  Again and again.  Then we rolled a gigantic snow ball that we pretended was just like the one in the Backyardigans.
The big kids got out of school early so we went back out to play again in the afternoon.  Turns out the new playground is perfect for snow play too!  Snowball fights, sledding, and tricks off the swing are a lot more fun when you can fall into fresh powder.

Trek started sliding this hill on his belly!  Then, of course, the little monkey has to do it too.  Joe is working on building a ramp at the bottom.  I'll let you know how that comes out.
Happy Friday!
Enjoy your weather, whatever it happens to be!


The Inaugural Fire

Thanks for all the name suggestions for our new playground.  It will be put to a vote soon and I will let you know the results.  We used the fire pit for the first time this weekend.  Smores and stories!  It was a huge success!

The boys got "too hot" and had to take their shirts off.

Our sweet friends who joined us for the occasion...

Can't wait to have more friends come over for some friendly fire!
And there is my valentine!  Love that guy.  He makes me laugh.

Sorry the pictures are so blurry and grainy.  I obviously don't have the right setting for a bonfire at night.


Valentine's Day Hair Clips

Happy Valentines Day!

I made these little clips for the kids to put on the "girl" valentines to take to their class today. Wonders of wonders--Abs wanted one too!  I mean they're pink and red with hearts and stuff.  If you would like to make a little valentine clip for yourself or someone you love, here's how I did it...

You need: 
decorative brads (found some on clearance @ Big Lots)
hair clips
strips of t-shirt (or any fabric scraps)

Tie a knot in one end of your strip of fabric.  Put the brad through the knot and flatten out the prongs.  Using hot glue (or fabric glue), wrap and glue the fabric around the brad forming a mini flower.  Glue the flower to the clip and you are set!

Have a wonderful day & celebrate the ones you love! 


Our Terebithia {aka the new playground}

Jono has been working hard while the weather is still nice to build a play area in the woods beside our house.  It's very Bridge-to-Terebithia-ish.  Once you go down the hill, the house is out of view and you can pretend you've entered another world.  The playground elements feel like they are part of the trees because they blend in so well.  Look for a swing, a rope ladder, a trapeze bar, rings, and 2 hammock chairs.  Since most of the elements were recycled from a swing set that is being torn down at the neighbors, so I'm considering this the restyle project for the week.  We also have a new fire pit that we tried out last night.  It makes terrific smores!  But more on that later.  Oh, and the sleds that you see are for sliding down the pine straw hill.  What could be better?!  Take a look at our little adventure arena...

Joe can't seem to stay upright on any part of it.
After playing out there for a couple hours, Abby and Joe went back out and had some reading time in the hammocks.

It needs a good name.  Terebithia has already been used.  Any suggestions?


joe friday : my 100 book

Last week, they celebrated the 100th day of school.  This was one of the activities they did.  He also brought home a necklace with 100 fruit loops and 100 dollars for being good. 
fake that is. (said Joe.)


Trek Colors

by Trek

If you have boys or if you know a boy, then you already know that boys love violence.  When we play cars, they crash.  Dinosaurs rip limbs off and kill everything.  Build a block tower and it gets demolished with a karate chop. 
Well, give them a crayon and it will end up the same way.  Hence, blood guy. 
This is what he wanted me to write! 

"mom, i want some letters up here" 
Oh, my smart boy!  what do you want me to write?
"blood guy"
of course.

He went on to explain the rest of the picture to me.  If you look, you can see the biggest circle is the face which in a 3 year old's mind encompasses the entire body.  He added two, or three, or four, beady eyes.

what's this red scribble down here? (his smile, i was thinking)
"a scratch where he got blood"
right.  because this is blood guy.

Yep.  Boys will be boys.  Growing up with all sisters, I had no idea what raising boys would be like.
It's an adventure.  Daily.
And I love it.


Cigon and Zynx

This story is about Zynx and Cigon Lincoln.  Zynx is a SUPER mini goblin.  Zynx and Cigon Lincoln are BFF.  They were out hunting in the woods one day just for fun.  Zynx had alot of weapons piled on him.  Cigon had a bow and arrow and a sword.  So when they were out two giant thorny birds swooped down.  They both pulled out their bow and arrows and started shooting.  finally they got both of them and rode back to Camp Half-Blood thinking they had a succesful day.
The End


A New Wreath

This was my restyle project for the week.  I scored some garland on clearance from Michael's.  Add in one old frame, cast off jeans, a button and you've got a new wreath!

I had originally planned on using more than one flower so we made a headband with the extra flower  and Trek was so gracious to model it for me.


Draw in the Dirt : Bicycle Built for Who?

Thank you, Mr. Groundhog, for not seeing your shadow.  After last year's loooong winter, I just knew you would bring me good news today!  Bring on Spring!
Now, for more fun today...let's Draw in the Dirt!

First, read the fun little ditty below.

Bicycle Built for Who?

My dad bought me a bicycle
When I was only eight.
Came in a box with directions,
But he threw them all away.

So he put the bike together
Seventeen different times,
And now instead of riding my bike,
I'm sitting writing rhymes.

Here's how the Gardner kids drew in the dirt for this one...
Jono had a plethora of Shwinn catalogs at his office so we snagged a few and made collages for our illustrations!

Now it's YOUR turn.
Draw what you think the bicycle might have looked like
or what it might have been used for.
Then share your picture with us!
Just click on the Linkster below.

If you don't have a blog you can still share a picture! 
Just put in any ol' web address (i.e. www.facebook.com) then choose upload from my computer.