ABC's of 2009

A is for Alabama football!!!
B is for Becca's (bad?) short haircut
C is for Copellia, Abby's ballet recital
D is for Dylan, born July 10th
E is for Entertainment night with camp staff when we did the Enlarging Machine skit
F is for First tooth lost for Abby
G is for Ginormous bullfrog found in the pool
H is for Homemade pizza with Lorie
I is for In the water at Sly Creek Resevoir and Slate Creek
J is for Jelly Belly Factory
K is for Kindergarten, Joe starts school
L is for Lance Armstrong in Nevada City
M is for Mail order Dreamland ribs
N is for Naked Trek at the lake
O is for Ojai thanksgiving
P is for Pumpkin farm field trip and Pumpkin carving party
Q is for Quality boat building by Joe and Jonathan
R is for Running their first 5K (Abby and Joe)
S is for Skiing at Squaw Valley
T is for Trekking around Little Grass with the Smiths
U is for Unlimited amount of butterflies
V is for Vineyards with sisters
W is for Wiffleball games
X is forXtreme waves at Half Moon and Ventura
Y is for Yuba Feather field trip to Woodleaf
Z is for Zoo in Fresno with the Spearmans

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  1. We made the ABCs. I am so excited!!
    We loved your Christmas card the best (seriously). Eric said, "They are so great. I wish they lived in Ojai!"


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