One Sunny Day

 One sunny day, we went for a walk.  And when I say one, I mean ONE.  One beautiful blue sky day in the middle of days and days of rain like only the pacific ocean can bring.  So we out into the wild blue and fought trees...
 and threw rocks in the water...
 and, of course, the boys got soaked!
 It was a wonderful respite from our four walls.  Now, deep breath.  The monsoon continues.


  1. Gotta get out in it when you can. I love these cute faces.

  2. Oh my gosh, look at Trek's hair!
    We have had relentless, non-stop rain, too. Wet, wet, wet. And it's not goping to let up for awhile. I have a craft-a-day planned for the girls during this "indoor, crazy, bounce-off-the-walls" time.

  3. we have been doing a lot of "projects" too. but you just have to see the sun SOMEtime or go bonkers!


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