Dear Old Golden Rule Days

We started school this week. 
And even though only 2 of us are actually going to school, it is still a big transition for the rest of us.  I have half as many kids at home now for the majority of the day (with one starting preschool in a couple weeks)!

Here are a few of the shots my reluctant children let me take.  It's not that embarrassing to have your mother snapping pictures of you on the first day of school, is it?!?

JOE ::  Second Grade

ABBY ::  Fourth Grade
Abs told me she would be an "upper-grader" this year.  I was not aware that elementary school had "upper-graders".  But when we walked her into that room, everything looked so big and academic-like.  There aren't any toys tucked away to the side like there had been before.  And look at those books on her desk!  They are real life textbooks!  Fourth grade must mean business.

I just had to share this next picture. 

I can't even believe this stuff is coming back.  My sister still teases me about the tie I used to wear in middle school.  But these girls are rockin' it!  They look so cute!

Last, but not least, here are the little boys on the first day of school.  D wore his "batpat" the entire time we were there and every morning since to take the kids to the bus.  Trek is working on his tetherball skills.

How are you handling these back-to-school days?


it's good to hear from you!