We're going on a Tree Hunt

What a beautiful day!
We're not scared.
(because we have tools and we can pick up large sticks)

We're going on a tree hunt.
Everybody found a different one they liked the best (of course).
There was the tall one with the poof on top like a palm tree in a cedar tree's body.
There was the short fat one.
There was the teeny tiny one.
And there was a rather large normal looking one.

No one could come to an agreement,
so we had to draw straws/sticks.

The large normal looking tree won.
Everybody takes a turn with the saw.

Then we take it home and annihilate it with decorations!
We have the big colored lights this year.  Love it!

No full tree shots yet.  But I'm sure it will work it's way into some other Christmas photos.

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