Snow falls on Alabama

It snowed.
In Tuscaloosa.
It even stuck to the roads and the driveways.
Ask Dylan.
He licked it up.
There was enough to make a decent sized snowman.
That lasted until about 6:00 that evening.
Plenty enough to throw snowballs.
The boys threw snowballs at each other until we couldn't scoop any more up out of our yard.  There is a definite heirarchy to this thing.  The biggest brother attacks the big brother.

The big brother attacks the little brother.
I've tried to warn Joe that there may come a day when he's not the biggest anymore. 
But who listens to their mother when they're eight?
But then who asks to get buried in the snow?
An eight year old boy.
It was a fun afternoon.
 A nice surprise for the kids.
They have been asking when it would snow here.  We tried to warn them that it probably wouldn't snow here at all but that we could take a trip to the snow one day.  "Like to Georgia" Trek said.  Hmm.  Well, what do you know.  We got 6 whole hours of snow fun right in our backyard!
Happy winter, yall!


  1. ...and then it all melted, that was a nice change right?!?


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