2010 in review

we have had such an amazing year!  looking through our year of pictures the other day, i was overwhelmed by how much God has blessed us.  here is just a few of the things we were thankful for in 2010...

Armstrong redwoods. Bodega Bay and the Best clam chowder in the world.  Chasing Crabs with shisha on the sonoma Coast.  Dinosaurs in san Diego.  Etsy sale.  Front teeth out (Joe and Trek) Front teeth in (Abby and Dylan).  Girl scout cookies.  Highway 49 and oldest saloon in california.  Intern fun like shrimp boil, 80's skating, and tubing in tahoe.  Jono and Bec's getaways to napa, santa cruz, and homewood.  Kicked off Joe and Abby's athletic pursuits with t-ball and soccer.  Leprechan treasure box.  Mission beach and bumper cars with cousin wayne.  Napa with Nonnie.  O. Did you say "Oh"?  Poetry by jono Posted on his new blog.  Quincy crawfish festival.  aRt classes in the summer.  Spring Snow (april and may) Sledding.  Tidepools (or Tadpoles) at point loma.  Underachieving geyser in calistoga.  Visiting bama-cousins united, college football, joe's first bama game.  Wonderful Wildcats at Woodleaf.  Xmas tree hunting in the snow and dark.  Yoda, darth vadar, thalia, mad hatter, red queen, and dead ancient greek warrior.  Zig-Zagging dangerous road on the way to yosemite.

count your blessings.  happy new year!  from the gardners.


  1. This is such a sweet post. Wonderful idea Becca.

  2. Love it...and I may be one of the few people who read this and get the "O" part. I still think of Woodleaf when I hear "Oh" and start singing the song in my head.

  3. I love this Becca. Glad to be included. I consider y'all part of my blessings too.


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