HP7 : It All Ends

We were finally able to go see The Movie today.

It got two thumbs up from Abs and a
"It was bloody brilliant!"
(in her best British accent that hasn't completely gone away yet)

They were super excited before we even got into the movie and now they are unstoppable.  By the end of the night I will have seen or heard the movie one hundred and forty-seven times at least.  It is amazing how much dialog they remember verbatim!

My favorite part of the film was towards the end.  Harry climbs up on the side of this bridge-thing and is looking down into the abyss.  It was all quiet.  We were waiting for Harry to say or do something really profound when
Joe yells out

If you haven't seen the movie yet, just remember that little interjection when you go.  It will make it that much sweeter!

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  1. Love the costumes. I'll have to see it in the theater, huh?


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