Sister Wolf

Trek has an imaginary friend--sister, actually.  They must be very close.
And she's a wolf.
She has come with us most places these last couple weeks.  Trek's sister was even with us on our most recent trip to San Fran.
She loved the trolley.
Well, this morning I left her at the park.
To my credit, it is very hard to keep up with imaginary children.  But, how awful to have left my wolf child all alone like that.
What was I to do?
Trek was on the verge of a serious cry but--really!--I wasn't going to load the 4 real kids back up into the van and drive back down to the park to pick her up.  So, I'm trying to think.  Sister Wolf is a wolf, after all.  Would it be ok for her to walk home on her own?
I carefully ask Trek, Can Sister Wolf run back and meet us later at the pool?
He thinks a minute and then looking relieved says, Yeah, its not too long (meaning far).
WHEW!  Crisis averted!
We were reunited with Sister Wolf later in the afternoon and now Trek and his sister are peacefully sound asleep.

picture from www.covershut.com


  1. Love it! See what I missed as a child? I really should have tried harder to imagine a new friend.

  2. Oh Becca - this is precious. Glad you were able to work with Trek and Sister Wolf.

  3. This is so sweet. I feel compelled to mention that Charley is a wolf. In fact she has such a realistic growl (perfected by MUCH practice), her friends are afraid of her. Well, of her growl anyway.


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