Slime Science

One of the great things about summer is that we have time to do things we wouldn't normally.
Like Slime Science.
The other morning (had to be morning because they are all still in their pj's--but then again it is summer) Joe pulled out his recipes for gook and homemade boogers and other loveliness.  I'll spare you the picture of the boogers.  You know what they look like already.
Here's the gook.

I helped the little boys make their own gook.
It's the easiest thing...cornstarch and water.
Just add water until, well, until it's gook-y.
It creates one of those substances that defies the normal states of matter.
It's not a liquid but it does drip and pour.
It's not a solid but if you hit it, it feels hard.
I don't know what you call something like that.
The boys called it fun.


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