Summer Art...Kandinsky Circles

Abstract is the theme of our summer art class.
We started out with potato prints. It was not so successful. The kids got bored with it pretty quickly.
Next, we tried contour or single line drawings. Much better. I loved how they turned out!
Today, we went back to circles.
Kandinsky circles on magnets.

The colors are so bright.
And since they are on magnets, it turns my refrigerator into an ever changing piece of art!

I didn't get but a couple "in progress" pictures because there were about 20 kids creating in my house all at one time.  It went surprisingly well.  The kids just rotated between the stations.  I left them free to make as many or as few as they wanted.

Station 1:  Choose a jar lid. 
            Trace with a black crayon. 
            Draw more circles within the first circle. 
            Cut it out.

Station 2:  Paint inside the lines with watercolors.

Station 3:  Glue your circle inside your lid.
            Glue a magnet to the back of your lid.

Here is the original Kandinsky.
picture from www.enjoyart.com

Your can read more about Kandinsky here.

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