Saturday, we saw the sun rise in California on the way to the airport.  This time it's a one-way trip.  The emotions are all over the place.  We've lived in California for the last five years.  We've had a lot of life in those five years.  Good life, good memories.  As I was packing up, I came across this photo from our very first day at Woodleaf.
Abby was five and Joe was three.
We've had two more babies and grown lots of hair since then.
Woodleaf is different, too.
This is a picture Abby drew of all the Woodleaf kids in 2007.
Betsy, Max, Abby, Tamara, Hannah, Augie (O), Canaan (K), Sam and Joe.

Now she's almost big enough to babysit the Woodleaf kids.
I am so overwhelmed right now with love and gratitude.
We have been so blessed with friendships in California.  Our friends rallied around us and helped get us get packed with such short notice.  They came together and celebrated with us the things that have made these last five years so wonderful--our friendships.  It hurts to put distance between those relationships but we are so so grateful to have had all those people who love us and have shared life with us in Cali.
Now the sun has set on our first day in Alabama.
 The first day of a new adventure, a new season.
We were welcomed to this side of the country with such abundant love.
Our families have opened their homes and made sure that we had rooms ready complete with special touches for each one's individual tastes.  They had barbecue waiting for dinner (and chow chow even!).  A friend loaned an entire toy box (with toys in it) for the little boys until the rest of our stuff arrives.  My heart just swelled with gratitude.
With all this love coming at us from both sides of the country, it's no wonder we have emotions leaking out all over the place!


  1. I love that last sentence! Lots of emotions leaking out all over the place here too, but my heart swells with joy over the warm welcome you all received. Miss you guys lots!

  2. Wow Becca. I can't believe you are home! I know it must have been so hard to leave Woodleaf. It sounds like such a wonderful place. I know your families must be so grateful to have you back. I hope the move continues to be smooth and you can reconnect and make new friends in AL.

  3. We miss you already! We've moved so many times that those emotions are still so fresh in our own hearts. We hope the next year of transition is a wonderful one, for every member of your family. You'll be in our prayers!

  4. We miss you all so much already!!! MJ wants to thank Trek for his letter he immediately hung it up in his room... we found it first thing Saturday morning and Micah and I would like to thank Trek for tears first thing in the morning. Grant says hi, he has been yelling for you out of the window already. We are so excited for y'all and blessed by the time we were able to spend together. Hopefully we will see you in a few weeks!

  5. Welcome back to Alabama. I pray that this new stage in your lives leads you to many wonderful opportunities and even more blessings. XOXO


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