Locked and Loaded

We have been in Bama for eight weeks.
This might have been the most eventful, stretching, two months of my life.
I don't want to just dump the facts out all in one post.  So, I'll go back a little and try to tell about it chronologically.
We all flew back together to Alabama.  We moved in with Grandmother who graciously opened her home to 6 more people!  I started teaching math at Northridge High School.  The big kids started at their new school.  We reunited with other family members.
Three weeks later, Jono flew back to Cali--the flight we were all originally going to take, before this became a one-way trip.  He loaded up the swagger wagon and the trailer to drag all our stuff back across the country.  Here it is locked and loaded.
Believe it or not, Jono had a good friend volunteer to drive back with him.  I'm thankful someone was willing because I'm afraid I was not very eager to make that trip myself.  I didn't make it the first time either.  Thankful on both counts.

They left on Monday night and rolled into the driveway Thursday evening.  Safe and sound.  With a trailer so stuffed we had to open the back door just a little bit at a time, grabbing things as they jumped out of the crevices they had been wedged into! 

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