Table Mountain

We have lived out here for about four years and I was determined to make it out to Table Mountain this spring for its incredible show of wildflowers.  We didn't get out there until Memorial Day, which normally would be far too late for the flowers.  But, with all the lovely spring showers, we were still able to catch a few. 

Table Mountain is just what is sounds like...a mountain that looks like a table. 
Due to some weird volcanic mechanism, it is flat on top.
We felt very big standing on top of that table.

The table has cracks.

Where the water runs down.

 We played down there for a long time.  We climbed rocks.  One of us turned around pretty quick for fear of falling into the chilly water and one of us bouldered all the way around this little cove.  I'll let you guess which was which.

We skipped rocks (of course.) and found a baby frog.  A few of us loved the frog so enthusiastically we weren't sure he survived our visit.  Guess who that was.

This must have been a good throw!  Look at that face!  Also, this must have been before he decided to follow the big kids in taking off their shoes and wading in the water.  There is also a clue in this picture to help you answer one of the previous questions.

 It was a beautiful hike and a good time with friends.
Hope to see you next year, Table Mountain, with poppies. 

Check out Jake Early's print of Table Mountain HERE.
You can see more of his art at http://www.jakeearly.com/

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