In-House Rivalry

Were you aware that I graduated from LSU and Jono from "the unavuhsity" (of Alabama)?
And that the two schools played each other Monday for the National Championship?
It was quite the event...
a rematch with everything at stake.
two schools from the same conference.
in the Super Dome.
in New Orleans.

That's my game face.  I don't why Jono wasn't with me on this.  I think he was a bit nervous before the game.  Rightly so, considering what the first game had been like.
Our kids are a little confused as to who they should side with.

We gathered some friends to celebrate the game with us.
Living in California, it is hard to find others with the same allegiances.  And even harder to explain the culture of college (specifically SEC) football to people who weren't raised in it.  We brought some extra gear and I made gumbo and we tried to rally them around the seriousness of the game at hand.

They're learning!
 This guy already knows "touchdown"!

Reauxll Tigers, yall!

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  1. Becca, I'm glad that Bama won, but sorry that LSU had to finish out such a great season in this way. I'm so glad that y'all were able to share this excitement with all of your friends at Woodleaf. How could they possibly understand?


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