Suped Up Paper Airplanes

Today, the kiddos go back to school. 
After a three week break.
Sometimes I think I might want to homeschool because there is so much flexibility, and there are so many cool projects we could do, etc, etc.  Then I have them all in the house for a few days and I remember why that's not such a good idea (for us).

But the break was fun.  We did accomplish a few projects.
I love it when the kids are excited about making stuff with me.
Joe is all about some paper airplanes.  He makes them all the time.  I find them everywhere!
This time we tried a suped up version.

Using thin cardboard (like an empty cereal box) we folded a paper airplane.
There are so many different ways to fold it.  A quick google will get you at least 20 different easy ways.  We have a book called Paper Planes by Phil Joho that has been lots of fun.
If you are having trouble folding the cardboard, take an exacto knife and score the fold.

Since it is heavier and bigger than your average paper plane, it will really sail!
(Since it's heavier and bigger than your average paper plane, I would recommend flying it outside.)

Great craft project for the boys!
And easy, too!


  1. add this to my to do list :-) Hunter will love it!

  2. I'm sure that these were lots of fun.


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