Sculpture with Trek

These are some sculptures that Trek did at school with some kind of crazy foam-like play dough.

My absolute favorite thing about these creations are the descriptions!  The mind of a four-year-old is an amazing thing.  I am so thankful that his teachers write this stuff down for me to enjoy!  I mean, an eagle snowman on an airplane.  That's awesome!

Trek also would like for me to share with you this gun that he built out of his Trio blocks.
"it has two shooters"

Guns are not really on my awesome list but that face sure is!!!

Don't forget...
if you are doing any sort of art with your child,
ask them about it!
Find out why they made it this way or that, used this color or not.
The responses are fascinating.

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  1. So special! I am still trying to realize that Trek is 4 yrs. old. Hard to fathom.
    Love, Shisha


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