Wildlife {Carpinteria, CA}

This spring break we took off in search of a warmer climate.  We headed south and ended up the little beach town of Carpinteria, CA.  Carpinteria is just south of Santa Barbara and north of Ventura.  Such a cute place! I didn't get any pictures of the downtown area but if you've ever seen a Gidget movie or one of those beach films with Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon then you've seen it!  You can walk right off the beach up to The Spot which has been and still is the spot to get burgers.

Another cool thing about Carpinteria is the wildlife.  Across the street from where we were staying, you can walk the bluffs that overlook the ocean and one part of the beach is a seal rookery.  The harbor seals come here year after year to have their pups.  So we were able to see the cute little baby seals and watch them all jostle each other about.

While we were standing there we saw two dolphins and
a whale surface several times!!!
And this cute little rabbit crossed our trail at one point.

With all this wonderful wildlife happening right before our eyes, what are my boys fascinated by?
Roly Polies.
They collected dozens of them.

I mean, we were watching a whale migrate north for the summer.  The real thing, not just some show on Discovery.  But then again, whales can't roll up into a perfect little ball when they're scared either.


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