Solar Eclipse

Last week there was a solar eclipse. 
Did you know?
It didn't start until about 6:30pm our time.  Apparently China/Japan area had the better view.
So, someone had told us to be looking for it.  Then, busy life.  We kind of forgot until it started getting dark and we're like 'why is it getting dark so early?' 'oh yeah, the eclipse.'
Then I'm all rushing around trying to figure out how we can look at it.  I remembered you couldn't look straight at the sun but couldn't remember what you were supposed to use.  Of course the internet was not working so no Google.  Was it a mirror?  We grabbed a mirror and Jono is giving me directions on how to hold it so they could see.  Up a little.  Down a little.  YEE-OWWW!  Ok so that wasn't right. 
Thankfully no one was blinded in the attempt. 
Joe thought there was something about punching a hole in a piece of paper.  But we didn't get that quite right either.  I hate to say it but we gave up.  Dinner and baths took precedent. 

We did get this picture.  The eclipse was doing crazy things with the shadows.

 If you would like to know a SAFE way to view a solar eclipse go here for instructions.
We'll be better prepared next time.
Like eleven years from now.

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