Best of Cali: Carpinteria

This is Carpinteria, CA.
This might be my favorite spot in Cali so far!

There is a trail that goes all along the bluff next to the ocean.  From up there you have a bird's eye view of the seals rookery where they come to have there pups every year.  We got to see them last year.  It seemed like there were more this year. 

I love that this beach town has so much wildlife.
Horses.  On the beach.
This is movie stuff to me.  People really do that?!
And dolphins.
Cool rocks.

The kids were divided on whether or not they would let me take their picture in this perfectly idyllic place.  These two were cooperative.
These two were not.

The other thing that makes this place a winner.
That's right.  The Burger Spot.
Walk right up from the beach for a very satisfying burger and fries!

{This is that final post from our spring break trip.  Due to internet troubles, I am a bit behind on posts.  This week will be catch up.  I mean I haven't even posted about Project Milk Goat!  Soon.  Very soon.}

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