The Milk Goat Project

Meet the newest members of the homestead...

We have recently acquired a couple goats, one of which we get to milk. 
I'll let you guess which one.
Yes, the milk is good.  It tastes very much like whole cow's milk.
Yes, we drink it.  And use it in our cereal.
We made ice cream with it last week and it was a definite success.  Yogurt and cheese is on the agenda.  If I can only find the time.  Maybe when school gets out things will slow down a bit.  (a mother can dream, can't she?)

The new girls are barred rock hens, same as our chicks.  They are already laying (eggs) and since the chicks won't be laying until September or so this ups our daily egg count to 4!  Yea for fresh eggs!  I take some spinach from the garden, saute it in a little butter, and throw it in with the scrambled eggs.  Breakfast of champions.
Now that's eating local!


  1. That is SO awesome! Do you think they'd let us have chickens and goats within the city limits...? How much do your chickens and goats cost in upkeep?

  2. Oh goats! Fun. We want to do this soon.

    1. we should talk. when i say project, i mean much more of a project than i had envisioned!


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