Go here. {St. Louis City Museum}

We looked this place (The City Museum in St. Louis, MO) up online before we came to St. Louis and thought it looked like a place the kids would love.  But when we turned the corner and saw this...
it was like Christmas morning for me--I mean, the kids!
The outside is a maze of slides, tunnels, bridges, airplanes, and contraptions to climb, play and explore.  So we did. 
 My sister and I climbed up to the airplane with our 3-year olds.
Staring down through the metal grid at the concrete hundreds of feet below,
we started thinking, 'what were we thinking?!'
For the thrill, right?
The 3-year olds were oblivious. 
We were thrilled to get everyone back down to a safer level.
Like the ball pit level.
Joe joined in on one of the biggest dodge ball games I've ever seen in an enclosed area.
He climbed all over that place and totally dominated the fire truck slide.
He did this.  On purpose.
If we had only gotten to play outside, it would have been worth the price of admission. 
But then we went inside.
Caves and statues, tunnels and slides,
tight places where little people squeeze through and big people get stuck. 
Everything built out of recycled materials.
A ten-story slide!
  A three-story slide.
The world's smallest underpants and
largest pencil. 
There was also an indoor skate park,
tons of arts and crafts,
a mini circus,
and I don't think we even saw it all.
Super fun.
I liked it.
Could you tell?
I think the kids had fun, too.

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