the last watermelon

When I bought this watermelon out of the back of Woody's truck, I asked him how much longer he thought the watermelon would grow.  He said, "This is it."
So, we savored what will probably be our last watermelon of the season.
Not only did we eat the sweet, red middle, but we scraped the rinds and drank the juice.
Grandaddy showed us how to carve a new set of chompers.


Grandmother had come outside to enjoy the watermelon with us.
The boys (and Charlie) had her cracking up with their goofy rind-teeth.
That laugh is something we will savor too because she passed away about one week later.
We are certain we will hear it again.
In a another season.
Until then we will just listen with our hearts.


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  1. Oh I am sorry to hear that. Will say a prayer for you and the family.


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