DIY Birthday Tee

Here are my
two favorite two-year-olds
and the t-shirts I made for their birthdays...

I was inspired by these shirts I saw over on Dana's blog, MADE.  She used the first letter of the child's name and added some super cute embroidery.  You can find her tutorial here.

I'm not much of a hand sewer but I liked the color that the embroidery added.  So, instead,
I layered different colors of t-shirts. 
I used old shirts that I had on hand
(don't we all have some old or unloved t-shirts hanging around that could be put to better use?),
cut out the shapes,
and sewed it all together

A few tiny tips:
-sew around the numbers before sewing the shape onto the shirt
-it is easier to sew on multiple layers of t-shirt material
-use a smaller stitch

the sprinkle shirt tutorial was part of a series of crafts and projects all for BOYS!
Check out the rest of the projects under the heading Celebrate the Boy on Dana's blog.



  1. Such a cute idea. And they both turned out great!
    Love you

  2. Hi, thank you for sharing. I posted your tutorial on my blog with a link back to your blog, hope it’s ok http://makeitandwearit.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/birthday-t-shirt.html.
    Please write me if there is a problem makeandwear@gmail.com.


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