Paper Mache Project for Me

So, while the kids were working on their paper mache project,
I started my own little thing...
paper mache beads!

The night before I had grabbed the bag of shredded paper from my husbands office and
let it soak in water until the morning.
Squeeze out the water and add paper mache paste
until you get a sticky dough consistency

Next, I took handfuls and squished it into balls.
I had trouble poking a hole through it after forming the ball so I formed the ball
around a toothpick and then removed the toothpick when I had the desired shape.
Let it completely dry.
You will have a very, light, hard, paper mache bead.
Now, you get to paint them!
I should have made more because I had a hard time deciding what colors to do.
I used water colors because I wanted the texture of the paper to really show.
Acryllic paints would give a more opaque covering.
Then give it a coat of clear acryllic spray for a bit of shine.

Here are some of the necklaces I made out of my beads.

I made one bracelet out of some beads I left white... 

Now the question is--
is this cute or
does it look like I have a string of spitwads on my arm?!
Tell me the truth, people.  My reputation as a fashionista is at stake.
(if you know me, you should be laughing at the thought of me as a fashionista.  but still, i need to know.)

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