Summer Art Project #1

This summer I had a little art class with my two older kids (they are 9 and 7), a few of their friends and whoever else happened to be around.

I picked up this Childcraft book at a thrift store months before summer and had decided right away that this paper-mache project would be one of our projects.

Is that clown not the cutest?!!

Step 1.  Find some empty bottles. 
The book says plastic, we used glass, they both work.
Put a little sand or gravel in the bottom to keep the bottle from tipping.
I actually forgot this part but it turned out fine because the glass bottle had enough weight on its own.

Step 2. 
Crush a piece of paper into a ball about the size of the head you want. 
Place the ball in the center of another piece of paper. 
Pick up the four corners and tightly twist them together.

Step 3.
Put the twisted end into the opening of the bottle.
Paste four layers of paper-mache over the ball and top part of the bottle.
You can also use a little tape to start with and then paper-mache over it.

Step 4.  Cover everything with about 4 layers of paper-mache.
(This is super fun!)
This is when you take strips of newspaper or magazine pages (non-glossy works better),
dip them into the paste and
smudge them onto the bottle.

Paper-mache paste can be made different ways:
--3 parts water to 1 part flour
--1 part wallpaper paste to 3 parts water
--2 parts glue to 1 part water
(we used the glue method)

Step 5.  Let it dry.

I kind of liked them at this stage. 
I can see trying this again with some different shapes and just leaving them in the unpainted stage.
But a some of the kids came up with really cute painted people.
And that brings us to..
Step 6.  Paint your bottle figure.
Use acrylic paint.  Add hair or other accessories if you want.
A couple kids added paper hats. (no pics of the hats, sorry)
Here are a couple of our finished products.
Blue-haired Fairy and Raiders Guy!


Tomorrow, I'm going to tell you about the project I was doing while they were busy with Bottle Figures!

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