Dylan Turned 2!

I love this age.  Some people love rocking the babies and maybe shed a tear when that baby starts to crawl and then walk and then run.  But I say "bring it on!"  I like it when they have a little bit of independence and LOVE to hear what comes out of their mouths!  Their limited vocabulary, L's that sound like W's and C's that sound like T's...presh.us. 

So, to celebrate the great grand age of two, we had a party.
Now, there are a lot of great birthday ideas out there.  Themes galore.  Cake, decorations, games, snacks, and favors to go with those themes.  And we have had some of those parties before.  Joe's third birthday was a pirate party.  They found buried treasure.  Dad tried to steal it but was captured and forced to walk the plank.  We had a fabulous time.  D's party was a fabulous time, too.  Just a bit simpler.
We went to, ahem,
Mickey D's
Don't judge. 
I brought balloons.

And made him that awesome shirt.  (Tell you how later this week.)
And I invited some of his sweet friends to come run around and scream with him in an enclosed space. 

And I gave him ice cream.

Bonus, the happy meal toy was a 2 year old sized light saber.
So, if you are stressing out about your child's next birthday party, don't sweat it.  Keep it simple. 
Balloons + sugar = instant party.
I mean did you see his face? 
He was lovin' it!


  1. You are an awesome mom! Those kids were "lovin' it".

  2. Amen sister. Happy belated birthday to Dylan.


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