Flying {over utah}

I've flown into Salt Lake City a time or two but this time when we flew over Utah I was blown away!
Maybe it was the time of day we were flying.  Or maybe the fact that we were flying without kids and I was free to look out the window.  Either way, we saw some amazing, big, crazy rocks.

The pilot was throwing out names like...
Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, Pinnacles something.
I don't know which names go with what pictures.
Feel free to educate me.

I want to go there!
Walk through those monuments.  Stand in the valleys.  Climb one.
Who's going with me?!

As breathtaking and awesome it was seeing those massive rocks jumping up out of the ground,
it was even more humbling (and comforting all at the same time) to remember...


  1. I want to go! I really had no idea until recently how beautiful Utah is.

  2. I lived in the 4 corners area for a semester in college, and always wished I'd made it over to Monument Valley. We drove through Salt Lake City on our move across the country in September, and the views as we drove through the mountains down into the city and through the salt plains were incredible. I love your photos from above. I'd love to go back and spend more time seeing the sights!


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