Teacher's Gift {monogrammed cup}

In case you are looking for a last minute teacher's gift for valentine's day (are you supposed to give them presents for valentines?) or just want to get a jump on end-of-the-year presents...this is what we gave the kids' teachers for Christmas.
These acrylic reusable cups were on sale at Pier 1.  I snatched them up. 
Then snatched up the Dremel etching tool from Jono's office. 
Real quick-like I etched the teacher's initial to the cup. 
I free-handed the letters (my years of making pep-rally signs prepared me well).  If you aren't comfortable with that you could surely print out a letter in the font you like, cut it out, tape it to the cup and use as a stencil. 
We completed the gift with some hot chocolate mix and candy canes.
A Starbucks or Jamba Juice gift card would also be a nice touch!

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