We Play Dress-Up

You didn't know?
Yep.  Pretty much pros.
We'll use any excuse to don a costume.
And whenever the kids have friends over they almost always end up digging into the costume box.
Imaginative play.  It's great.  Like this...

pirates + yoda
or spiderman

That was just for fun.  Then, the big kids were about to watch Super 8 and had to get in theme!

Don't they look freaky?!!

Anybody seen Super 8?  I really liked it!  Sci-fi is not really my thing but this movie was fun.
Goonies meets ET.  Zombies and aliens.
Kids making their own movie, doing their own scripts and make-up.
There is so much to love.

So, put on some white make-up with some heavy eyeliner and rent Super 8 for a super evening!
Tell me how it turns out.


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  2. Awesome! We used to love doing this kind of thing as kids. We had weddings and fashion shows and acted out favorite movies and made Christmas videos for my parents... Lots of great memories! :)

  3. Oooh! Looks pretty scary to me. I hope it doesn't keep anyone up too late.


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