Come Visit Cali (old sacramento)

The next few posts are going to be shameless plugs at getting you to come out to visit us. 
Just letting you know up front. 
We recently had a great visit with some sweet friends who agreed to let me use them in this advertising series called
and when I say 'California' I really mean 'the Gardners'.
come visit the Gardners.
we miss you!
and California is so much fun.  especially with us!

So, when you come to visit, you will most likely fly into SMF, good ole Sacramento airport, where either Jono, myself, or the whole crew will greet you, depending on the number of seats required in the swagger wagon.

Starting with a little history, we will procede to "Old Sac", the historic part of downtown Sacramento.  Back in the day, Sacramento was the gateway to gold country and little part of that world still remains.  We can see the trains...

say 'hi' to Black Bart and maybe the mounties...

and if you time it right you can see it in all it's 1850's glory at
There's also the train museum and candy and the river.
And that is just the beginning!

Stay tuned for more reasons to come visit us in California...

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  1. I hope that the California Tourism Board is giving you a little stipend for helping to advertise California. You should send them a link to your post.


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