The Fourth Child

Jono and I are not huge planners.
I would say we are more "go with the flow" people.
Spontaneous-ness happens more often than not.

That's pretty much how all our babies happened.
There was no trying to pick the perfect birthday month.
No research done to determine the perfect amount of spacing between siblings.

We had Blessing #1, then #2, then #3.
 (and it is a blessing to have such easy pregnancies. I know what a struggle some people have to go through.) but after baby #3 we thought our family might be complete. 
Thought about it too long.
Hello, #4.

There's a quote by Mark Twain that I love.
"To get the full value of a joy you must have somebody to divide it with."

Dylan is our fourth child.
That makes us a good size family.  Larger that average America but smaller than Sister-Wives.
Unexpected.  Unplanned.  A surprise.
Surprised by joy.
Dylan makes me laugh.  The pictures are proof.
And the miracle is not only does he make me laugh, he makes #1, #2 and #3 laugh.  Joy is multiplied because I get to see four smiling faces.  Hear four gorgeous giggles.  And I don't have to worry about writing all down because between all of us, somebody is bound to remember it and retell it at a later date for us all to laugh about again!
Joy multiplied.

Thank you, God, for all of our surprises!


  1. Dylan's little life and exuberance is a blessing to all of us!! Thank you GOD for wonderful surprises!!

  2. What a cutie! My parents' #6 was their biggest surprise (6 years after all the rest), although my Dad claims #5 came at an inconvenient time and was a bit surprising too. I can't imagine life without them though. I'm so glad they kept on having kids! Dylan is such a blessing. You guys have such delightful, creative, hilarious kids! :)


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