They grow up so fast

Ahh, internet.  You finally let me upload these pics.

The hens we have now we got when they were already "teenagers".  We all know babies are much cuter that teenagers!  This is also very true for chickens.

Take a look at our babies growing...

a couple days old

one week old

D thinks they are easier to catch with his baseball glove.

three weeks old

Today they are six weeks old!
(picture to come later)

They can now fly up to the first shelf in the greenhouse.  Found that out the morning I went out to check on them and they had eaten the tops off of everything at that height!  Oh, the things I'm learning.  We have been keeping them in the greenhouse because (1) it's warmer and they can't stay in our house and (2) they can't be with the big hens yet--they don't eat the same thing and we don't want the hens getting too rough with them.  However, if I'm going to be able to keep anything in the greenhouse they are going to have to be relocated pretty soon. 
Learning, learning.

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