Bear Hole

Chico is only about an hour away from us (like most everything).  One afternoon before school got started we were able to take the big kids over there to explore Upper Bidwell Park.  Earlier this summer we had a fun family day in Lower Bidwell.  This day was hot so we went looking for water.  We quickly settled on the Yahi Trail which follows the creek for several miles.
It was so nice to take a hike without the little boys.  I mean, we love going out as a family but when everyone has generally the same stride you don't have to worry about telling this one to slow down and this one to hurry up.  It was really peaceful.
So, we walked.
Took in the scenery.
Jumped in the creek if we got hot.  Walked some more.
 We made our way to Bear Hole, one of several swimming holes along the trail.
Those black rocks were hot enough to fry eggs but the water felt amazing!
And it felt good to make some special memories with Abs and Joe.
We topped the afternoon off with take out from Tong Fong Low-the best Chinese food around!
If you are local,
what's your favorite afternoon getaway?

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