Blackberries for the pickin'

As many blackberries as we eat while we pick them, 
we are still lining up as soon as the blackberry cobbler comes out of the oven!
At our end of the summer staff party, we had a blackberry bake-off/taste-off.
Sarah's tried and true blackberry bars were present. 
This is what my kids asked for after our first berry picking.
So good.  I could eat half the batch all by myself.
Blackberry banana bread (just add blackberries to your favorite banana bread recipe)
and lemon ricotta blackberry muffins were my contributions.
Both were good
the champion of
blackberry AWESOMEness
had to be
Bekah's blackberry filled donut holes!
She used a Krispy Kreme dough recipe and squooshed it around the blackberry filling.
Deep fried and glazed.
What what!
What is your favorite blackberry dish?

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  1. I am making Bekah's blackberry filled donut holes right now!!! We'll call you when they are ready.


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