Summer Squaw

We have been here in the winter but it is a whole new world in the summer!

Remember how they held the 1960 Olympics here?
OK, me neither but we took a quick look at the memorabilia.
It got me pumped to watch the 2012 Olympics.

We took the tram up to High Camp.
This is what we ski in the winter!
It was gorgeous at the top.
Wildflowers and green.
The earth really is full of HIS glory. (Is 6:3)
There is a swimming pool at High Camp but it was just too cold that day to partake.
But we did try out the geocaching.
Still looking.
Never did find anything.
When we got back to the office to turn in our GPS the guy was all
"yeah I think somebody is moving the boxes"
We did find a cool log to climb on.
This is my cute mama.

The next day we went down to Lake Tahoe itself.
Got our feet wet in that glacier melt.
Cold. Water.
It was a warmer day but we still opted out of swimming.
Found some wildlife instead.

A couple favorite pics...
It was so good to have my mom with us for a little while.
The kids just ate it up.
{please note Trek's jacket.  it is on upside down.  and Joe is smiling and i didn't even photo shop anything.}

Fave #2:  Dylan Sandwich!!!

Good times.

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  1. Love seeing these pcitures, Becca. Thanks for posting! Hope to be able to see these kiddos up close some time soon!


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