First day of Fifth Grade

I think this day was harder on me than first of kindergarten.
I mean, fifth grade, people!
That's the last grade in elementary school.  And then there are only three years of middle school and only four more of high school.  She's practically out of the house already!  I could barely contain myself.
We took these pictures at home because she said I would embarrass her if I tried to take them at school or ask any of her friends to get in a picture with her.
So, Abs is into all things London right now.  Not because the Olympics just happened there (although that was a fun thing too) but because her favorite authors are from London.  You know, JK Rowling and Jenny Nimmo.  I'm sure there are more but those are top of the list.
I couldn't leave her at school without embarrassing her at least a little...
She's refusing to look at me.
Just waves me away.
Leave, mom, please!
We had a little girl talk recently and I told her she can't leave me at home with all these boys by myself.  Dylan will graduate high school in about 15 years so she'll only have to live at home until she's 25.  Ab thought that was totally reasonable.
yeah, right. 


  1. I know exactly how you feel. Christian just started his Junior year, I still think of him as the little toddler in his blue jean overalls. Abs is darling!!

  2. OMG, Bec. When I'd you grow up to be such a mother? You are still my baby too. I can't take this. It's so dusty in here. Love, love, love you,


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