First day of (home)school

We are homeschooling Joe this year.
I'm not homeschooling everybody.  In fact Big D starts preschool this year!  We just take it year by year and try to do what's best for each child.  So I am excited to be spending a little extra time with my Joe Joe.
Thursday was the first day for him (the others haven't started yet).  I told him we were going to start the day off official-like by getting dressed.  No pj's the first day of this mama's school!
He goes back to change and comes out dressed like this...
Now that's official.
And this is what he thinks homeschool is going to look like...
And this is what he will look like when I get through with him...
p.s.  Joe thinks this face makes him look hard core.
Jono thinks it makes him look like he put something hard core in his ninja turtle thermos.


  1. Woo hoo for homeschooling. You'll love it because you will have time with that precious boy!

  2. Oh MY Gosh!!! I am just rolling over at this point. Hilarious!! I hope that you and Joe love this experience.


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