Draw in the Dirt : Bicycle Built for Who?

Thank you, Mr. Groundhog, for not seeing your shadow.  After last year's loooong winter, I just knew you would bring me good news today!  Bring on Spring!
Now, for more fun today...let's Draw in the Dirt!

First, read the fun little ditty below.

Bicycle Built for Who?

My dad bought me a bicycle
When I was only eight.
Came in a box with directions,
But he threw them all away.

So he put the bike together
Seventeen different times,
And now instead of riding my bike,
I'm sitting writing rhymes.

Here's how the Gardner kids drew in the dirt for this one...
Jono had a plethora of Shwinn catalogs at his office so we snagged a few and made collages for our illustrations!

Now it's YOUR turn.
Draw what you think the bicycle might have looked like
or what it might have been used for.
Then share your picture with us!
Just click on the Linkster below.

If you don't have a blog you can still share a picture! 
Just put in any ol' web address (i.e. www.facebook.com) then choose upload from my computer.

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