Cigon and Zynx

This story is about Zynx and Cigon Lincoln.  Zynx is a SUPER mini goblin.  Zynx and Cigon Lincoln are BFF.  They were out hunting in the woods one day just for fun.  Zynx had alot of weapons piled on him.  Cigon had a bow and arrow and a sword.  So when they were out two giant thorny birds swooped down.  They both pulled out their bow and arrows and started shooting.  finally they got both of them and rode back to Camp Half-Blood thinking they had a succesful day.
The End


  1. I love this drawing! Zynx is so cute!

  2. Is there any relation to Abraham?

  3. I apologize for my ignorance. I just read the original Cygon Lincoln post and now know that, in fact, he is part president.


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