Our Terebithia {aka the new playground}

Jono has been working hard while the weather is still nice to build a play area in the woods beside our house.  It's very Bridge-to-Terebithia-ish.  Once you go down the hill, the house is out of view and you can pretend you've entered another world.  The playground elements feel like they are part of the trees because they blend in so well.  Look for a swing, a rope ladder, a trapeze bar, rings, and 2 hammock chairs.  Since most of the elements were recycled from a swing set that is being torn down at the neighbors, so I'm considering this the restyle project for the week.  We also have a new fire pit that we tried out last night.  It makes terrific smores!  But more on that later.  Oh, and the sleds that you see are for sliding down the pine straw hill.  What could be better?!  Take a look at our little adventure arena...

Joe can't seem to stay upright on any part of it.
After playing out there for a couple hours, Abby and Joe went back out and had some reading time in the hammocks.

It needs a good name.  Terebithia has already been used.  Any suggestions?


  1. Oh this totally counts as a restyle. I am going to show this to Chuck to prove that the slide I picked up out of the side of the road garbage, COULD have been used for something cool. We ended up moving before I could prove it myself.

  2. keep your eyes peeled, hayley, you'll find another one. the slide from this swing set is now sitting on the steps that go down from our deck. :)


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